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Blockhead x Blockhead 
Indica / Sativa: 90/10
Flowering Time: 65-70

This is a preservation project of a strain originally done by Breeder Steve of Spice of Life Seeds. Throughout the years this line has become unavailable, we liked it so much we decided to bring it back! From 30 f1 and f2 seeds from our deep storage, we got 16 females and 7 males. Pollen was collected from all males and blended, then used to pollinate all the females. No plants were excluded, thereby creating no genetic bottleneck, providing a varied line that will be acceptable for later work. There are some real gems to be found in this line, something the discriminating customer will enjoy. Lots of berry expressions, and some gassy burnt rubber can be found as well. A high yielding and extremely potent line, suitable for commercial production! Great outdoors! Flower time 9-10 weeks, mid October outdoors.

BLOCKHEAD F2 (Blockhead x Blockhead)

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